Per le fan dello stile di Sex and The City: arrivano i bikini di OndadeMar a Milano

Arriva a Milano il brand di costumi reso famoso dal serial TV con un pop-up store, il primo in Europa.

Come le scarpe di Jimmy Choo, anche questo marchio ha beneficiato della visibilità data dall’icona di stile Carrie.

Annamaria Cofano



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Born in Taranto (Puglia), resident in Bologna, I share my hearth among these two cities. Travels are one of my passions: I love to travel, but to arrange travels as well, for friends and not only. I love Africa, and Southern Italy, from where I come. I promote travel experience before than travel itself: enjoy territories, meet people, visit real houses, sit down on a bench and let people pass through. My other passion is Marketing, in particular Marketing@Retail. After a long part of my professional life spent in SME as well as multinational companies, from FMCG to Fashion and Sportswear, I've decided to offer my expertise to companies looking for a support in terms of planning and implementation of strategic projects in Marketing and Retail. I'm also Professor of Marketing at Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna and teach Marketing and Sales Management in High Education Programs.


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